The tennis club Rapid Praha lays emphasis on the choice of the trainers. The trainer is one of the most important persons, with which the player on its tennis path will meet. Therefore it's necessary for the trainer to be a strong personality with lot of practical and theoretical experience. To be this, he must have profesional knowledge but also a lot of practice with the work on the court. We think our trainers are the right ones, who will help you with your long tennis-learning journey.

In the tennis club you will meet these trainers:

Chief trainer:

Dipl. Eng. Stanislav Pařízek
Phone: +420 603 554 827

hlavní trenér - Stanislav Pařízek
The former player of TC VŠ Praha, the coach of the Ist Class (the highest grade of the coach's education in the Czech Republic possible) has collected his experience in 1990-1996 in foreign clubs and training centres in Austria, Italy and on Cyprus, on the University of San Diego in the USA and at the national male and female team of Maledives. In 1995 he has been sent by the Czech Tennis Federation to China where he acted as the coach of the national male team and later the juniors to 18 and female juniors to 14 as well. In 1997 - 2005 he used to train the pupils and juniors in TO Bohemians Prague Since 2006 he trains youth to 18 in perspective club TJ Solidarita Prague and also In Children´s and Juniors´ Tennis Foundation.

Tennis academy trainers:

Dipl. Eng. Petra Herčíková
Phone: +420 603 269 818

trenérka - Petra Herčíková
Former player of TO Bohemians Prague. Today trainer in the tennis club TJ Solidarita Prague. Trainer in the international tennis camps organised by ITC Prague and also In Children´s and Juniors´ Tennis Foundation.

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