The Tennis Club Meteor Vinohrady (the predecessor of Rapid) was founded in 1922 and in the beginnings it had three courts. Interest on "the white sport" was huge and soon the six courts, that had been built were not enough.

But in the middle of the twenties Rapid ceased to be and they had to begin once again. Soon had the club 300 members and proved to have a good sporting level, of which notifies the fact, that it won many matches in Prague and in the country. In 1927 organized the club I. Lawn-Tennis Tournament of the 2nd class, in which more than 1100 players took place. The winner was long-time czechoslovak representant Josef Síba.

In the following years tennis used to be the most supported sections of the club, so it could help with the establishing of other, up to that time poorly supported sports like field hockey, volleyball and table tennis. The club went on in the tradition of autumn national tournaments and used to fight succesfully also in the Riseley Cup.

After the liberation of Czechoslovakia had the club 9 courts and about 200 members. After the colectivisation of sports the club was taken over by TJ Stalingrad, but soon appeared a center of a new tennis club Slavoj DRUČA, since 1968 Rapid Prague. Competitive activity was reestablished in 1955 and two years later was founded also junior team (next to the existing adults team). The club produced a number of excellent tennis representants, like J. Volková, J. Javorský or M. Šrejber.

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